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Powerology AAA USB Rechargeable Battery (2pc pack)

Powerology AAA USB Rechargeable Battery (2pc pack)

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AA USB Rechargeable battery always lasts longer, cost less, and results in less waste than single use batteries. No need to change, with the charging option embedded in this Powerology USB rechargeable battery, Use it for a wireless mouse, a kid’s toy, a flashlight, etc.

Rechargeable Opportunity

Generally, Powerology"s AA USB rechargeable battery is a great household pack for keeping remotes, cameras, and kids’ toys up and running all year round. It is pre charged and ready for using directly from the package and can be recharged about 1,000 times in its lifecycle, potentially replacing hundreds of single use batteries.

More environmentally friendly than disposable batteries because they are Mercury and Cadmium free. Charge the batteries at least once every three months for optimal performance. Even if you are not using, it can keep a charge for up to a year.

LED Indicator

This AA USB battery pack from Powerology comes with an inbuilt LED indicator that lets you know whether it"s charged or not.

RED Light: When the indicator is Red, it expresses that the battery is still in the charging process.

Green Light: When it is fully charged, the indicator will notify you with Green Light.

Charging Process

Each AA USB rechargeable battery needs one hour for full charging. Less charging time, long lasting life cycle, that is what make the Powerology USB rechargeable battery, Unique. Charge the battery immediately with an AC socket, power bank, or even a laptop by connecting the provided micro USB cable to the battery.


  • 1 hour recharging time 
  • Long Life Cycle with up to 1000 Time
  • Micro-USB Cable Included


  • Charging Time: 1 Hour 
  • Cable Type: Micro USB Cable 
  • Input: 0.5A/5V, 
  • Output: 1A/ 1.5V
  • Charge Cycle: >1000
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery Cell 

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