Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub – Power Plug 3M

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To satisfy everyone"s demands and expectations, Porodo Multi-Port Super Hub was specially created to serve the purpose. Multiple-device charging is ideal with the multiport super hub. In addition, it has six AC sockets that can concurrently power six devices up to 3000W. The super hub introduces four sets of USB-C ports and two sets of USB-A ports with 36W and 24W power delivery respectively. The Porodo multi-port super hub offers a structured and peaceful work environment. You no longer necessary to utilize several USB or wall chargers. All of your charging requirements are met by the 6 AC outlets and 6 USB ports. Set the time and conserve energy. Every home or business has several electronic gadgets, but they don"t all need to be on all day. For instance, a coffee maker might not be used continuously throughout the day, so you can set a timer and turn it off when finished. The benefit of the built-in switch is that it protects your gadgets from overload. The overload button is specifically built to activate whenever the power reaches 3000W. The Porodo Super Hub has a distinguished design with 6 AC sockets. This gadget supports plugs from 150+ countries in the world.



AC Socket Output x6

USB-C Port x4

USB-A Port x2

Fast Charge

24 Hours Timer

Universal Sockets

Over-Heat Protection


Cable Length: 2m/3m

Total Output: 60W

Simultaneous Output: 15W

USB-A Output: 24

USB-C Output: 36

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

Voltage : 100V - 250V

Rated Curren: 13A

Rated Power: 3000W

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