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Porodo Magnetic Silicone Aluminum Alloy Dash Mount/Compatible for all Mobile Phones

Porodo Magnetic Silicone Aluminum Alloy Dash Mount/Compatible for all Mobile Phones

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Stay fashionable take care of your driving and phone, use this item for a better experience of driving, and don't worry about your phone anymore with four powerful magnets and supporting all devices Alloy Dash Mount will be so reliable and useful for you to enjoy your driving.
Its material is Aluminum alloy silicone, notice that the silicone material and magnetic ability can hold your phone without any effort. If you want to drive safely you need to have full concentration. Imagine you need to go somewhere for the first time and you have the location on your phone and you want to follow what direction your map tells you.
In fact in that case you need to look at your phone over and over to not lose the way. Without a car mount, you have to hold your phone, that is why you need to have a car mount to use its benefits. The Porodo Powerful magnetic car mount has been designed in a compact way, meanwhile, there are four powerful magnets that can hold your phone totally firmly.
The material for this car mount is Aluminum alloy plus silicone, both of these materials will help you in some cases. Aluminum will provide the long-lasting and the safety of the car mount itself, and the silicone material will provide an anti-shipping option for your smartphone.
This car mount has a re-washable adhesive base and you can wash it whenever you want. This car mount has the 360° rotation opportunity, with this ability you can rotate your smart phone in any angle that you want.


  • Product: Magnetic Alloy Dash Mount

  • Model: PD-METDM

  • Magnets: N45 4x12mm

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Silicone

  • Package Dimensions: 17.2 x 8.6 x 4.8 cm

  • Weight: 210g

  • Color: Black & Silver

    EAN: 2155387367548 | 2155387367531


  • Alloy Dash Mount
  • Compatible for All Mobile Phone Devices
  • Easy Installation Car Mount
  • Reliable & Secure
  • High Quality Adhesive
  • Rotating Joints

What's In The Box

  • Porodo Magnetic Alloy Dash Mount
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