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Green Lion Powerbank & GaN Charger 5200mAh

Green Lion Powerbank & GaN Charger 5200mAh

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Learn about the Green Lion 20W Powerbank & GaN Charger, an innovative answer to all of your daily charging needs. Its wireless output is 2W, and it has been expertly built to charge your EarPods, smartphones, and smartwatches. Beyond its utility, its creative layout blends beauty and practicality to produce a device that is attractive to look at as well as functional. With a 5200mAh capacity, it's a powerhouse that makes sure your gadgets are charged anytime you need them. A built-in cable removes the need to carry additional cables, greatly improving convenience. Its multi-protection function makes sure that your gadgets are charged safely, and you can bring power and style everywhere you go with it because of how amazingly compact and portable it is. With Green Lion, embrace an exciting new phase of charge.


  • EarPods/Smart Phone/Smart Watch
  • Wireless Output: 2W
  • Innovative Design
  • Multi Protection
  • Built In Cable
  • 5200mAh
  • Compact & Portable
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