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Green Lion Magnetic Ring Buckle

Green Lion Magnetic Ring Buckle

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Green Lion is a leading accessory manufacturing brand with an advanced production system adopting sophisticated details. The ring buckle is compatible with MagSafe which is a huge convenience as you no longer need to worry about charging with this accessory. With 125 degrees adjustable and 360 degrees rotation, you can now use the ring buckle as per your liking.


  • Brand: Green Lion
  • Model: GNMGRING
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Most Smartphones
  • Wireless Compatibility: MagSafe
  • Adjustable Degrees: 125 Degrees
  • Rotatable Degrees: 360 Degrees


  • ​MagSafe Magnet
  • Easy Grip
  • Safe & Secure
alt="Magnetic Ring Buckle on iPhone, purple color"
alt="Magnetic Ring Buckle on iPhone. A man holding the iPhone by his hands and finger on the buckle "
alt="Magnetic Ring Buckle purple color, with blue power on iPhone"
alt="Two iPhones with purple cover on back side. one horizontally and the other vertically. Magnetic Ring Buckle on the iPhones "

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