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Baseus Super Mini Inflator Pump Air Compressor Portable Hand-Held Auto Tire Pump - Black

Baseus Super Mini Inflator Pump Air Compressor Portable Hand-Held Auto Tire Pump - Black

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  • Electric tire pump by Baseus
  • Powered from any 12V car socket
  • The screen shows air pressure in PSI or Bars
  • LED light for extra convenience
  • Included nozzles and carrying bag


    Baseus mini compressor pump for car wheels

    Tire pressure has a real impact on your safety and that of other road users. Check them and top up if necessary. As? Do it yourself: in the driveway, parking lot or in the garage. With the help of the compact and handy Baseus Smart Inflator Pump. This is a pump that every driver should have! It will check your tires in just 0.1 seconds, and it will take another 50 seconds to inflate them. It only takes two easy steps! In less than a minute, you'll be ready to hit the road, whether you're driving to your local supermarket or on a dream vacation out of town.

    •    Maximum current: 10A
    •    Possibility of continuous operation for 20 minutes
    •    Voltage: 12V
    •    Power: 120W
    •    Fits: cars, motorbikes, bicycles, balls
    •    Materials: ABS + PC
    •    Car option maximum pressure: 3.0 bar
    •    Motorcycle option maximum pressure: 2.8 bar
    •    Maximum pressure for the Bike option: 50 PSI
    •    Ball Option Maximum Pressure: 9 PSI

    Charging in the car
    You only need a car cigarette lighter to start the pump - you can connect the device to its socket. Without it, you can prepare it for work, e.g., during a stopover on the road. It is not only comfortable, but also completely safe. This model is equipped with a fuse to protect against overloads and power failures. The cigarette lighter outlet is also optimally protected.
    Solid build
    We believe that gadgets designed to maintain a car and support its ongoing operation should be reliable, and therefore solidly made. Therefore, the pump consists entirely of a high-performance metal motor with permanent magnets. Thanks to the stable structure, it ensures quick inflation to the required level.
    The device of the future
    The solutions used in the Baseus pump guarantee lower power consumption and less noise. Thanks to these features, in the near future they will be able to replace traditional solutions used so far. It is possible because the innovative design and effective operation have been confirmed by numerous tests carried out on 50,000 thousand cars. The tests were carried out on 100 of the most popular car models in the world.
    Intuitive operation
    There are car maintenance activities that you can do yourself. There are also those that require a visit to the workshop. Thanks to the Baseus mini compressor, you will save time and money needed to check the air in the tires and inflate them. You don't know if you can do it? This intuitive device was created with amateurs in mind. You don't need to configure it yourself or think about setting the correct values. The pump automatically sets and replenishes the tire pressure without user intervention. During the device operation, the red diode lights up, the completed process is indicated by the green light.


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